Friday, February 13, 2009

Tiana's 3rd Family Day!

3 years ago Feb 13th 2006

And Today........ 2-13-2009

Happy Family Day my sweet precious girl. We love you with all our hearts, you are the sunshine in our lives.


Mama and BaBa

Thursday, December 11, 2008

More snow pics

It sontinued to snow on and off until about midnight, so I got the kids up bright and early this morning for one more chance to play in the snow. It had started melting , but our deck still had quite a bit on it. It will not last long, todays high is in the 50's.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Baby, Its Cold Outside

Its snowing, Its snowing!!! I know for those of you up north you are thinking, So What?????, but living in the deep south where it RARELY ever snows, it is an exciting thing. :) We were getting reports all afternoon that it was snowing all around us. Both Christopher and Tiffany called me from work more than once to tell me it was snowing. I even had reports of it snowing a couple of streets down, but as the evening progressed and night time came, we had all but given up on seeing any. Then about 7p.m. tonight we got a few flakes. Tiana and Connor stood at the door and were pretty excited. Then we went about our business. Around 8pm, I stuck my head out the back door and imagine my surprise when I saw our deck COVERED in snow, and it was still coming down at a rapid pace. I immediately called the little ones and they came running, we quickly put on some warm clothes and went out to play. Yes, at 8p.m., as I did not want to miss what I am sure will be our only chance this winter. Hope you enjoy the pics. :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Those Crazy Courtney Kids

Christopher and Tiffany will be mortified if they see the posts below. SHHHHHH!!!! dont say anything. Just trying to do my part in spreading a little Christmas joy. It seems that Connor has been cloned, but after trying several times to correct it, I gave up.

You will need to scroll down to the bottom and turn off the music on my playlist.

Hope you enjoy. :)

A Christmas Ho Down

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Those crazy courtney kids

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Connor's 3rd birthday

a kiss for the birthday boy
all smiles
blowing out the candles with a little help from big sister

opening his first gift a tractor just like Baba's
so excited!

Yesterday was Connor's 3rd birthday (his first with us). It was a very busy day and we did not get to celebrate until after dinner. He enjoyed blowing out his candles (with a little help from Tiana) and loved his gifts. He is a true boy and loves anything with wheels.

The past 8 months with Connor has been a ride. That is for sure! :) He is a sweet little boy with a whole lot of spice ;) The noise level in our home has went up quite dramatically and he can throw a tantrum with the best. We love our little guy with the million dollar smile, and self confident strut.

Happy Birthday Wild Man, we are so happy you are home.